Our Passion is creating memorable experiences and sharing our love for the arts with you.

Fun Classes For The Masses

From fun classes any crafy(ish) person can complete to master classes focused on mastering the medium.

We look forward to inspiring your laughter along with your passion and sharing our love for the arts.

Uniquely Yours Commissioned Artwork

For thousands of years artist have come to love stained glass for the unique ability to color with light.

The imagination follows no patterns and we believe embarking on the journey of stained glass creation should be a memorable experience in both the finish product and connection with the artist.

Stained Glass Repairs & Restoration

Have a family heirloom that needs some love?

From a simple clean to re-enforcing and repair broken pieces. Little Glass Art prides itself in quality craftsmanship, efficiently and competitive pricing.

What Our Students Have To Say...

Holly Barnard Fothergill

Holly Barnard Fothergill

Open Session Denver Colorado

"They did a great job teaching us and were so patient. We had so much fun!"

Tracy Chambers

Tracy Chambers

Home Party Denver Colorado

"Jordan and Justin did a mosaic party at my house. what a great couple. Their knowledge is amazing. They were awesome with helping everyone and fit right in with all us they even offered to vacuum my carpet. I highly recommend booking a party. Looking forward to another 1 with you guys."

Susi Chen

Susi Chen

Open Session Colorado Springs

"Little Glass Art is incredible! I have attended 2 Tiffany Stained Glass classes with them and was just elated both times! Excellent instruction, fun class, and BEAUTIFUL stained glass piece when you are all done. I highly recommend them!!!"

Our Portfolio of Classes


Fused Christmas Ornaments

Get your HoHoHo on by creating unique ornaments with the family! You’ll pick your design and make up to 4 each! You’ll have all our fusing materials at your disposal to embellish and make it your own! After putting it together, we’ll fire the piece so it can get all melty and have it ready for pickup the following week!


Mosaic Pendants

Create a mosaic you can wear! You’ll start with the pendant bezel of your choice, fill it with beautiful art glass and grout to create a design your very own!  This class is fabulous for kiddos and adults alike!


Mini Leaded Panel

Learn the traditional leaded method of stained glass creation practiced since the middle ages in a fun, compact class any crafy(ish) person can complete!

This class is perfect for anyone wanting to try their hand at what it’d be like to create a leaded panel in the method utilized throughout the middle ages …


Freeform Glass Fusing Class

This glass fusing class is a fun way to get aquatinted with the fusing medium! Start with a blank canvas and create anything your mind desires by layering and mixing frit (crushed colored glass), stringer (glass rods) and other various bits and pieces! Projects will get all happy and fired, then be available for pickup the following week.

Mini Mosaics Glass on Wood

Mosaics have been cherished for thousands of years for its unique ability to use abstract shapes in stitching together a larger cohesive image. Aside from that, it’s pure fun for adults and kids alike!


Sip & Solder “Tiffany Method” Class

Ever wondered how Tiffany & Co. produced their breathtaking, world famous lamps? Get hands on in this 2 – 3 hour class and complete your project in the same method. Otherwise known as the copper foil method. Utilized in lamps and sun-catchers alike, this method is an extremely versatile method of production!


Glass Cutting Master Class

This class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of glass cutting and pattern creation. These skills are useful for fusing, stained glass and mosaics alike.

Practice is incredibly important and this class imparts students with the knowledge and a guide for continuing to practice and learn.


Leaded Stained Glass Master Class

Looking to learn stained glass creation from concept to completion? This class is for you!

You’ll learn to create a pattern, precisely cut glass and build a panel from start to finish. Up and beyond the essentials, you’ll learn tips, tricks and knowledge to fuel your stained glass experience!

This class is no joke! held in …

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