Basic Essentials Pack (15 assorted sheets of 10 x 12 in.)

Youghiogheny is the best of the best in the art glass world. However, with its unique beauty and virtuoso glass status comes a more challenging experience working with the material, particularly cutting it. 

It’s guaranteed to make you say wow, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Tiffany Reproduction Glass Three- and four-color mixes use a base glass of specially formulated opal having a true white cast, surface hazing and the waxy quality normally associated with the glass made by Tiffany.

Basic Essentials is a diverse mix of Youghiogheny’s best sellers. This pack contains fifteen assorted sheets of 10 x 12 in. glass. This pack is UPS-able or Fed-Ex-able. Pack will include any combination of the following styles:

Y 1000SP, Y 9011HS, Y 2021HS , Y 5502SP, Y 1100SP, Y 1006HS , Y 5000SP, Y 4403RG, Y 4444HS , Y 1300SP, Y 6010SP, Y 3000SP, Y 6666HS, Y 2004HS, Y 4644SP, Y 4000SP, Y 4500SP, Y 5002SP, Y 1002HS, Y 1062RG, Y 1431RG, Y 1717HS, Y 1006HS, Y 1007GHS, Y LABURNUM C RG


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