Create beautiful landscapes, memorizing designs and let your imagination run wild with tempered glass mosaics!

2 1/2 - 3 Hour Hands-On Project

Easy, like. So easy.
This class is great for beginners or past enthusiast alike! This class is a casual take on learning to create mosaics with tempered glass and acrylic paints!

Be An Individual!

We know, no one actually wants to do the same thing as everyone else.

Each Class Attendee Chooses a Unique Base to Build Their Mosaic On,

Get a Little Colorful with Your Colors...

It's More Fun For Us, and You...

Food, drinks, wine & beer are all welcome! We're happy to supply napkins, plates, paper cups, bottle openers and the like!

Class Overview

This class is all about fun and creating a beautiful finished product! You'll use acrylic paints to create a beautiful design to cover and finish with tempered glass. 

We welcome you to bring your own drinks, food and party favors as you wish! We're happy to provide paper plates, cups, napkins and the alike!

What You'll Learn... (Click to Expand)

- Do's and Don'ts for creating vibrant landscapes for under your tempered glass.

- How to utilize nippers to create shapes and designs within your mosaic. 

- How to properly construct and adhere your glass to the base surface.

- Mixing, and grouting your pieces to finish. 


What You'll Get... (Click to Expand)

- 1 - 3 hour session of guided instruction in completing your very own mini mosaic

- All required tools, materials, instruction and supplies to complete your project in class.

- A casual, encouraging environment in which to enjoy the outing or learn the craft!

- Passionate teachers who enjoy what they do!

Pick Your Way to Party!

Group Sessions: A social event with up to 14 participants from various parties! These session are held almost every weekend on Fridays and Saturdays. Learn more on our calendar.

Private Party: Pick your date, pick your time, pick your group! Private Party tickets must be purchased directly through Little Glass Art however there is no minimum on the number of participants. Learn more on our private party page.

Snag That Spot!

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After receiving your request we'll begin hammering out those details and finalizing your plans! 

Don't worry, we're all humans around here and love helping to make it happen!

Pick the First of Your Collection...

Pick Your Base to Create Your Mosaic On!

Each attendee may pick one base design, since this class is new we will being several options for attendees to choose from.