Studio Pro Lead Vise

Additional information

Stretch your came with Studio Pro sure grip Lead Vise with quick release. Convenient size mounts to your work table without getting in the way. Utilizes a strong spring and grooved teeth mechanism to keep lead came in place while stretching.

1. Lead came must be stretched before it is used, otherwise it will sag from the weight of the glass.
2. To use, secure the lead vise to the edge of a work surface in an area that will provide ample space to pull came.
3. To stretch lead came, insert the came into the opening of the vise, opposite the clamp.
4. Once inserted, press down on the clamp and tap it using a rubber mallet or small hammer to secure came between the jaws of the vise.
4. With pliers, grasp the other end and pull.
5. Pull the came until it no longer stretches. The came will become rigid as it is stretched.

What we have to say about the product

Lead came must be stretched before being used in your project. This vise mounts to a tabletop to allow you to stretch the lead. 


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