Mini Miter Cut-Off Chop Saw

Additional information

Cuts Max. 1/2″High x 1/2″Wide or 1/4″H x 3/4″W

Cuts miter corners from 0° to 45° with adjustable miter gauge vice included.

Includes 3 Blades – 2” HSS, 2 5/16″ HSS, 2 5/16″ Black Cut off Wheel (3/8 inch arbor), 71″ power cord, miter gauge holder, table clamp, motor brush replacements, and hex key.

What we have to say about the product

This little saw is fantastic for cutting the most common sizes of zinc used for stained glass. It’s big enough to do its job without being intimidating and loud. 

We use this saw in class for our master’s students with great success!


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