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Weller 100 Watt Temp Control Soldering Iron

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Weller 100 Watt Temp Control Soldering Iron

The star of our show. The Weller 100 watt iron is great for professionals and beginners alike. Its patented temperature control unit eliminates the need for rheostat and quickly reaches the proper temperature. Ideal for both lead and foil work. Equipped with a multi-use 3/8" 700 degree tip.

Wattage: 100

Cord length: 6 ft.

Soldering Iron Stand

A soldering iron stand is a must have to keep the iron safe, ready and within reach for your work. You will want a stand with a heavy base to ensure it does not tip over.

Gryphette Grinder

*CURRENTLY ON BACK ORDER* Should be in beginning of March

The Gryphette is the perfect grinder for the beginning glass artist. The low cost and convenient size can be appreciated by beginners and experts alike!

Includes a standard 3/4 in. bit. Features a 3000 rpm motor and 6-3/4" x 6-3/4" work surface. 5 year manufacturer warranty (excludes bits).

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