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    Copper Foil Master Class

    This class is designed to teach you the unique qualities of harnessing light through glass as your creative medium.  You’ll pick your pattern, along with your palette of glass textures and colors to create your project. 

    A basic tutorial on glass cutting is given during your first session. After picking your pattern, …

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    Glass Cutting Master Class

    This class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of glass cutting and pattern creation. These skills are useful for fusing, stained glass and mosaics alike.

    Practice is incredibly important and this class imparts students with the knowledge and a guide for continuing to practice and learn.

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    Traditional Leaded Method Master Class

    Looking to learn stained glass creation from concept to completion? This class is for you!

    You’ll learn to create a pattern, precisely cut glass and build a panel from start to finish. Up and beyond the essentials, you’ll learn tips, tricks and knowledge to fuel your stained glass experience!

    This class is no joke! held in …