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Minimum Attendees

Home Parties 

4 or more attendees

Private Parties (At Our Location)

6 or more attendees

Corporate Events

10 or more attendees


Discounted pricing is available for groups larger than 6.

Vouchers purchased other than directly from Little Glass Art may not be redeemed for home or private parties unless approved by Little Glass Art. 

We do not charge any additional fees above the project price for home parties, private parties or corporate events once our minimum attendees have been met.

We’re available to provide a craft kiosk during your fundraiser, event or in your retail space. Contact us for more details!

Just for Fun Classes

  • Classes , Just For Fun Classes

    Freeform Glass Fusing Class

    This glass fusing class is a fun way to get aquatinted with the fusing medium! Start with a blank canvas and create anything your mind desires by layering and mixing frit (crushed colored glass), stringer (glass rods) and other various bits and pieces! Projects will get all happy and fired, then be available for pickup the following week.

  • Classes , Just For Fun Classes

    Fused Christmas Ornaments

    Get your HoHoHo on by creating unique ornaments with the family! You’ll pick your design and make up to 4 each! You’ll have all our fusing materials at your disposal to embellish and make it your own! After putting it together, we’ll fire the piece so it can get all melty and have it ready for pickup the following week!

  • Classes , Just For Fun Classes

    Mini Leaded Panel

    Learn the traditional leaded method of stained glass creation practiced since the middle ages in a fun, compact class any crafy(ish) person can complete!

    This class is perfect for anyone wanting to try their hand at what it’d be like to create a leaded panel in the method utilized throughout the middle ages …

  • Just For Fun Classes

    Mini Mosaics Glass on Wood

    Mosaics have been cherished for thousands of years for its unique ability to use abstract shapes in stitching together a larger cohesive image. Aside from that, it’s pure fun for adults and kids alike!

  • Classes , Just For Fun Classes

    Mosaic Pendants

    Create a mosaic you can wear! You’ll start with the pendant bezel of your choice, fill it with beautiful art glass and grout to create a design your very own!  This class is fabulous for kiddos and adults alike!

  • Classes , Just For Fun Classes

    Sip & Solder “Tiffany Method” Class

    Ever wondered how Tiffany & Co. produced their breathtaking, world famous lamps? Get hands on in this 2 – 3 hour class and complete your project in the same method. Otherwise known as the copper foil method. Utilized in lamps and sun-catchers alike, this method is an extremely versatile method of production!

Master Classes

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    Classes , Master Classes

    Copper Foil Master Class

    This class is designed to teach you the unique qualities of harnessing light through glass as your creative medium.  You’ll pick your pattern, along with your palette of glass textures and colors to create your project. 

    Patience, attention to detail and a desire to improve with every piece are required skillsets for the …

  • Classes , Master Classes

    Glass Cutting Master Class

    This class is designed to teach you the fundamentals of glass cutting and pattern creation. These skills are useful for fusing, stained glass and mosaics alike.

    Practice is incredibly important and this class imparts students with the knowledge and a guide for continuing to practice and learn.

  • Classes , Master Classes

    Leaded Stained Glass Master Class

    Looking to learn stained glass creation from concept to completion? This class is for you!

    You’ll learn to create a pattern, precisely cut glass and build a panel from start to finish. Up and beyond the essentials, you’ll learn tips, tricks and knowledge to fuel your stained glass experience!

    This class is no joke! held in …

Frequently Asked Questions

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May We Drink During Private or Home Parties?

Yes! Patrons are welcome to bring or provide their own drinks during home parties or private parties. We’re happy to work with you on catering for larger events.

How Do Home Parties Work?

We go mobile and bring everything required for the project to you! Depending on the amount of people and your preference, we can utilize your tables with protection or bring our own. 

What Is Your Max Number of People?

This totally depends on the location you’d prefer. We’ve done classes are large as 60 and as small as 4. We’re happy to think outside the box!

Will You Do Kids?

Yes we will! We are happy to suggest projects that align with the age group and work in all the festivities required!