One of a Kind Commissioned Artwork.

“Normality is a paved road. It is comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” – Vincent van Gogh

About the artist.

Jordan began her stained glass journey alongside her mother Julie Gill of Big Glass Art. Learning the craft of stained glass while apprenticing her mom and helping in the production of her commissioned artwork. Jordan traveled every month from Colorado Springs to the Big Glass Art studio in Huntsville, Alabama for the experience of a paid apprenticeship and to help manage class week for Big Glass Art. Working for and learning from her mother Julie Gill the craft of stained glass creation will always be a cherished memory and a lasting inspiration that shapes Jordan.

About the price.

The factors that determine the price of a project are size (sq. ft.), complexity, number of pieces, number of colors, and quality of glass used. We ask potential clients to specify the budget when reaching out. Doing so allows us to suggest options that align. When not possible to align, we will give clear expectations of what to expect or alternative options within the budget. There is no commitment for the client till the final sketch is approved. We ask clients for a 50% down payment once accepted. The remaining being due upon delivery/install.

About the process.

Client Consultation

Cost & Timeline Estimate

Design Approval


Delivery/ Install