One of a Kind Commissioned Artwork

“Normality is a paved road. It is comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” – Vincent van Gogh

Let's Talk Details

About the artist

Jordan Marie began her stained glass journey alongside her mother Julie Gill of Big Glass Art. Learning the craft of stained glass while apprenticing her mom and helping in the production of her commissioned artwork.

Jordan traveled every month from Colorado Springs to the Big Glass Art studio in Huntsville, Alabama for the experience of a paid apprenticeship and to help manage class week for Big Glass Art. Working for and learning from her mother Julie Gill the craft of stained glass creation will always be a cherished memory and a lasting inspiration that shapes Jordan.

About the Price

Price is determined by the size (square footage) of the piece but even more so by the complexity of the design. Here is a basic layout of what to expect for pricing.

$65.00 – $85.00/ Sq. Ft.

Simple designs, sun-catchers and produced that are able to be produced quickly and efficiently.

$90.00 – $150.00/ Sq. Ft.

Moderately complicated designs, panels and windows. Most projects in the residential setting fall in this category.

$150.00 – $250.00+/ Sq. Ft.

Large, intricate designs, lamps, 3D creations.

The Process

Client Consultation

If you are located in, Colorado Springs, Denver or the surrounding areas. We will schedule a time to drop by the location where the artwork will be installed to meet and discuss the project. Both of our locations are also available for consultations by appointment. Not located near us? Consultations may also be held by Skype, FaceTime or other similar tools.

If possible, we will take all pertinent measurements and notes during the consultation along with discussing your ideas and inspirations for the artwork. Information is power in creating a design that will far surpass the expectations of the client. We aim to learn about yourself, your passions, your family, your style and what makes you tick!

Cost & Timeline Proposal

After terms have been agreed upon a small scale design will be produced and presented to the client either in person, or electronically. We value your input and feedback into the design process and will typically present several designs to clients before final approval.

Design Approval

Once the design has been perfected and agreed upon a full scale drawing will be created and presented to the client for final approval before proceeding to execution.


Execution time varies greatly based on complexity, size and style. Execution may range from weeks to months, however it’s always worth the wait. Every proposal will detail an expected timeline. Communication with our clients becomes key as progress is made. We always do our best to keep within or surpass our given timelines.

Delivery / Install

Install of artwork is just as unique as the piece itself. Every situation requires intense consideration and collaboration with the client. When possible, we prefer to hand deliver and install produced artwork to Colorado Springs, Denver and surrounding areas.

Shipping completed stained glass is always risky and best avoided with larger pieces, if at all possible. Install price and options are included as part of your proposal.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are All Commissions Expensive?

No! Not all commission projects break the bank. We rely on our clients to give us an expectation of budget and in-turn we can provide expectation of size and format.

What Can Be Made Into Glass?

The imagination is the only limitation! A cherished photo can be replicated, an idea turned into a visual representation or words, logos or the like. We welcome any strange idea you may have to throw our way!

What Can I Expect For Price?

Sun-catchers can be less than $100 while lamps can range from $300 and up. Small windows can be made for around $500 and large windows can range into the thousands. 

Will You Ship?

Yes! Smaller objects can be shipped very successfully. Larger windows can be risky but we’re happy to accomodate the best we can. 

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