Mosaic Pendant Class

Create a mosaic you can wear! This class is fabulous for adults and kiddos alike!

Start by choosing a jewelry bezel shape to create your mosaic within. Students will use double-wheeled nippers to cut beautiful art glass into the desired shapes while creating their designs. You will finish the mosaic by gluing and grouting with a color of your choice to bring it all together.

Students will have access to dozens of colors, textures, and types of art glass to create their mosaic designs.

You can book online from one of the upcoming dates below, or for more dates by visiting our calendar

All tools, materials, and supplies needed for the project are provided but…bring. your. glasses, seriously. Bring your readers or prescription glasses, you will be glad you did.

The project is not extremely messy but does have messy elements (especially for the kiddos.)

Students use superglue to adhere the glass to the bezel and sanded grout (like for countertops) premixed with sealant for finishing.

You will practice the direct method of mosaic creation while learning how to use double wheel nippers to manipulate glass, how to grout, and lastly how to clean and finish your mosaic pendant.

Students have their choice of several different shapes and may complete two small bezels (1″ x 1″) or one large bezel (1″ x 2″) as part of the class.

Additional Projects may be purchased for $15.00 each.

Mosaic pendant bezels (bases) range in size and shape from 1″ x 1″ to 1″ x 2″.

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