Mini Lead Panel Class

Learn the traditional leaded method of stained glass creation practiced since the middle ages in a fun, compact crash course.

This class is perfect for those wanting to try their hand at what it’d be like to create a leaded panel in the method utilized throughout the middle ages and into modern-day.

This is the most difficult “fun” class we offer. This method of stained glass is not for everyone, but this class is the perfect way to find out.

You can book online from one of the upcoming dates below, or for more dates by visiting our calendar

When reserving your spots, you will be asked for a design choice for each attendee along with the color options for those designs.

Designs are pre-cut before class, design choice and color options must be selected ahead of time.

Not all colors are readily available or kept on hand. We will do our best to meet your request.

All tools, materials, and supplies needed for the project are provided but…bring. your. glasses, seriously. Bring your readers or prescription glasses, you will be glad you did.

Don’t wear your Sunday best and dress comfy for a 4 – 5 hour class.

The final step to complete your leaded project involves mudding or glazing your panel.

It’s messy stuff! We provide disposable aprons and gloves but, your arms may still fall victim.

You will learn to make a 6-inch panel in one of the designs below using the leaded method of stained glass creation.

You will begin with your pre-cut design and learn to manipulate the lead came, cut angles for joints, solder, and glaze your piece.

You will walk away with a completed panel and appreciation for what it takes to create artwork in the medium.

You will not learn how to cut glass, or the ability to do the method independently in this class.

Students who are interested in mastering the medium should take a master class where the focus is to make them independent in the medium.

This class is designed to provide a quick, immersive experience into the leaded method of stained glass creation. Many details and fundamentals of the method are omitted to create a 4 – 5 hour experience.

Students pick one of our design below to complete in class. Completed panels are about 6 inches by 6 inches.

Some projects are more difficult than others. Projects with fewer pieces are typically less difficult than projects with more.

The consensus is that our easiest design is the geometric, and our most difficult the traditional.

Unfortunately, custom designs are not allowed in this class. If you would like a custom project please feel free to check out our Tiffany Method Class or the Copper Foil Masterclass!

Student Completed Projects

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