Fused Flora Class

Learn the basics of glass fusing with a fun flora-focused class. You will have access to many forms of fusible glass and embellishments such as crushed glass (frit), glass rods (stringer), dichroic glass, glass paints, and many others in dozens of colors!

Students can use pre-cut elements to create a flora design or go awry and create anything your mind can imagine!

You can book online from one of the upcoming dates below, or for more dates by visiting our calendar. 

We do not always have fusing classes posted on our upcoming events. If you don’t see a date, please contact us! We are happy to get you on the schedule for any of our classes.¬†

All tools, materials, and supplies needed for the project are provided but…bring. your. glasses, seriously. Bring your readers or prescription glasses, you will be glad you did.

Come as you are! Don’t wear your Sunday best (you’d stand out). The project is not very messy. No need to take extra precautions.

You will start with a clear glass base and have access to glass, frit, stringer, and other fusible elements to create your design. We will teach you about the different elements and how to use them.

Students may use pre-cut elements and embellish the design or create a design of their own using double-wheeled nippers.

Project bases measure about 3 inches by 4 inches. The class price includes one design. Additional projects may be purchased for $15.00 each. Limit of 4 projects per student.

Projects are left at the studio to fire in the kiln and can be picked up within two weeks.

Student Completed Projects

Upcoming Dates

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