Quick Facts About the Class

4 - 6 Hour Session

Master the Craft with hands-on learning

Ages 16+

Small Group or 1-on-1 Sessions

Learn the centuries old method of leaded stained glass creation. Used for centuries this method produces beautiful panels but requires a different skill set from other methods.  

Pair this class with glass cutting and you'll be on your way to creating beautiful stained glass artwork that will last for many years to come!

This class is for those looking to truly learn the craft of stained glass creation! classes may be taken together or separately in any order!

  • Learn to grind pieces to an exact fit and the next level of tolerances, fitting and the importance of proper glass cutting. 
  • Learn to build your pieces with lead came, slowly but surely!
  • Solder your joints, very carefully and ensure everything is structurally sound. 
  • Mud your pieces to lock everything in to place for years to come. 

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Lead Came Masterclass

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Go ahead, pair it with another class and learn it start to finish!

Your future self will thank you!

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