Glass Cutting Masterclass

Ever heard of the order of operations for glass cutting? Then this class is for you. This class takes students from zero to an understanding of tools, tricks, methods, and fundamentals of cutting glass by hand.

Traditional Lead Came Method Masterclass

Found in churches, chapels, and homes throughout the world and throughout the ages, this interesting and intricate method will continue to be revered and practiced for generations to come.

Copper Foil “Tiffany” Method Masterclass

Cherished for its use in the creation of the famous Tiffany & Co. lamps this method of stained glass creation has become the most popular throughout the United States. This is a great starting point for prospective hobbyists and exploring artists alike.

Mini Lead Panel Class

Learn the traditional leaded method of stained glass creation practiced since the middle ages in a fun, compact class any crafy(ish) person can complete!

Tiffany Method Class

Ever wondered how Tiffany & Co. produced their breathtaking, world-famous lamps? Get hands-on and complete a project in the same method.

Otherwise known as the copper foil method. This method is in utilized lamps, sun-catchers, and panels alike.

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