Little Glass Art

Colorado-based stained glass studio offering fun classes for the masses, uniquely yours commissioned artwork, stained glass restoration, and repair.

In-Person Classes

Try your hand at a new medium. 

Our just-for-fun classes lasting between two and four hours give any crafty(ish) person the ability to try glass arts hands-on! It’s great for a date night or with friends and family!

Are you looking for more than fun? Then, begin the journey of mastering the stained glass medium with one of our multi-session masterclasses.

Private Parties & Events

Create and celebrate with friends, family, or coworkers! You and your guest will get hands-on creating a project in one of our glassy classes.

You choose the place, and the time we will bring the class, glass and lots of sass!

We have the know-how and desire to make the experience one you’ll remember, and all will enjoy, from corporate events to educational programs. Got ideas? Let’s talk!

Commissioned Artwork

Bring beauty through light and color to your home, or give a memento for the generations with uniquely yours artwork.

We design with a budget in mind and unique to each client. Therefore, no two designs are ever the same. Our artwork is made by hand and with love in our Colorado studios.

Schedule a consultation today to explore the uniquely beautiful world of coloring with light.

Repairs & Restoration

Age is hard on us all, and stained glass is no exception! 

From the historical restoration of large windows to the repair of the piece passed throughout your family and cherished, Little Glass Art is happy to coach you through your options for restoring it anew. 

Tools & Supplies

If you’ve taken a class from us, you’ll know we firmly believe the quality of your tools matters. Therefore, we only offer tried and true products within our studios and classes.

We do not keep a large stock of tools on hand. We ask for one to two weeks to fulfill product orders. You can pick it up from one of our studios or have your products shipped to you.

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