Bring The Kids & Explore a New Medium with Endless Possibility!

Pick Your Project!

They Can Do It All!
Children 8 years and up should have no problems completing any of the projects as-is. If you have children younger, we're happy to make minor changes to the class so they may participate!

Express Yourself!

We know, no one actually wants to do the same thing as everyone else.

Each Class Attendee Chooses a Unique Design from Based on The Project!

Make It An Occasion!

It's More Fun For Us, and You...

Food, drinks, cakes and party supplies are all welcome! We're happy to supply napkins, plates, paper cups, bottle openers and the alike!

Pick Your Way to Party!

Private Party: Pick your date, pick your time, pick your group! Private Party tickets must be purchased directly through Little Glass Art however there is no minimum on the number of participants. Learn more on our private party page.

Snag That Spot!

Use the page below to reserve your session today!

After receiving your request we'll begin hammering out those details and finalizing your plans! 

Don't worry, we're all humans around here and love helping to make it happen!

Pick the First of Your Collection...

Pick Your Designs from Our Collection of Over 50+ Originals! 

Each attendee may pick one design, we ask for those designs at least one week ahead of time so that we may prepare your choices for the class.

After receiving your schedule request we'll begin the process of gathering and reminding you for your design choices.

Is this dangerous?

Though there are elements that can cause harm, we provide close supervision and control to ensure proper instruction and completion. Minor cuts and burns may occur from glass and soldering irons.

Where is it at?

We currently hold sessions at Full Spectrum Art Glass & Supply in Colorado Springs Colorado. If you’re looking for a private party we’re happy to use a location of choice or speak with you about arranging a special venue.

Can Children Participate?

Yes, we’re happy to hold private sessions that are kid friendly! We ask that kids are accompanied by adults who can help them comprehend and complete the project.

Do you schedule private parties?

Yes, we’re happy to do private parties. Reach out to us at or give us a call at 256.874.4869.